• J-Philippe CUNNIET

    J-Philippe CUNNIET

    Formateur Big Data, Marketing prédictif, Curieux www.linkedin.com/in/jcunniet

  • API2Task


    API2Task provides a unified API that allows integrating with many task management platforms through a single integration. Discover more at https://api2task.com/

  • Jack Barger

    Jack Barger

    Managing Partner, The Tiber Group Llc. Digital Marketing and Development for advanced business solutions.

  • Varun Arora

    Varun Arora

    PM | Paytm payments bank

  • Mentorem Academy

    Mentorem Academy

    working on fixing education for communities looking for change. Sharing experiences, thoughts, and ideas on here. www.mentorem.org

  • Serverless


    Simple serverless deployments: any provider, same experience. Over 26k GitHub stars.

  • Philipp Schöne

    Philipp Schöne

    Working for Axway as Product Manager creating the best API Management Solution ;-) Dad and BBQ fan in his private life

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